Top 15 Boarding Schools in Limpopo Province, S.A


Here are the top fifteen boarding schools in Limpopo Province. Are you seeking the best boarding schools in Limpopo Province of South Africa? Explore our list of top boarding schools that provide a holistic education for students.

This guide highlights the top fifteen boarding schools in Limpopo, South Africa for academic excellence and holistic development.


If you’re considering sending your child to a boarding school in Limpopo, South Africa, you’ve come to the right place.

This article provides a comprehensive list of the top 15 boarding schools in Limpopo, offering high-quality education, a supportive environment and a focus on holistic development for students.

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Top 15 Boarding Schools in Limpopo Province, South Africa.

list of boarding schools in limpopo province
list of boarding schools in Limpopo province

1. Eagles Nest Christian School


Location: Myngenoegen, Polokwane, Limpopo

Eagles Nest Christian School is a private English school that provides education from pre-primary (RR) to grade 12. Located in Limpopo, this top-notch boarding school offers excellent Christian education in a nurturing environment that prepares learners to succeed in their future academic pursuits. The school’s vision is to equip learners to develop their full potential as Christian leaders.

2. Waterberg Academy

Location: Limpopo, South Africa

Waterberg Academy is an independent English medium school located in Vaalwater, Limpopo, which was founded in 2003. The school is dedicated to providing education that is grounded in environmental, social, and economic responsibility, with a focus on academic, social, and sporting achievements. With boarding facilities available for students in grades 4 to 12, Waterberg Academy aims to instil self-confidence and self-worth in its learners through high-quality education and a supportive environment.

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3. Capricorn High School

Location: Polokwane, Limpopo

Capricorn High School is a well-established public boarding school in Limpopo. It was founded in 1961 and is located in Polokwane. The school is dedicated to providing a well-rounded education of high quality and aims to shape young individuals who will make a positive impact on society. Capricorn High School places emphasis on academic excellence and has a consistent track record of achieving top results in the provincial Grade 12 examinations.

4. Northern Academy

Location: Polokwane, Limpopo

Northern Academy, located in Limpopo, is widely regarded as one of the best boarding schools in the region. They offer high-quality, English-medium education to learners from Grade R to Grade 12. The academy places a strong emphasis on activities that promote both physical and intellectual enrichment. With safe and secure accommodation for learners and a conducive learning environment, Northern Academy provides a holistic approach to education.

5. Harry Oppenheimer Secondary

Location: Limpopo

Harry Oppenheimer Secondary is a public boarding school that was established in 1982, with a focus on agriculture education. The school’s primary objective is to equip its learners with practical skills and knowledge in the agricultural field. Despite facing challenging circumstances, the school has established a reputation for producing top-performing matric pupils, with a 100% pass rate.

6. PAX High School

list of boarding schools in limpopo province
list of boarding schools in Limpopo province

Location: Mashashane Vaalkop, Limpopo

PAX High School is a boarding school located in Mashashane (Vaalkop), Limpopo, which follows the Roman Catholic faith. It provides education to learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12, focusing on their personal growth and discipline. The ultimate goal of PAX High School is to develop well-rounded individuals who will become future leaders.

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7. Ridgeway College

Location: Trichardt, Limpopo

Ridgeway College is a private school that provides education for Grade 8 to Grade 12 students. They also have a separate campus for Grade RR to Grade 7 students. The school is dedicated to fostering innovative thinking and puts great emphasis on critical thinking in its curriculum. Ridgeway College also participates in the IBT international benchmarking program.

8. Dendron Secondary School

Location: Polokwane, Limpopo

Dendron Secondary School was established in 1899 and is a public institution located in Bochum East, Polokwane. Despite facing challenging conditions, the school has consistently achieved a 100% pass rate in national exams and is well-known for its exceptional academic performance. Dendron Secondary School provides high-quality education and boarding facilities for both boys and girls.

9. Stanford Lake College

Location: Haenertsburg, Limpopo

Stanford Lake College is a co-educational high school located in England, founded in 1998. The institution provides a secure and structured environment that promotes the growth and social development of learners. For learners from Grade 6 onwards, Stanford Lake College offers boarding facilities, which offer a safe and comforting home away from home.

10. North Crest Academy

Location: Mokopane, Limpopo

North Crest Academy is a private boarding school that was established in 2004. The school offers education from Grade R to Grade 12 with a focus on personal development and discipline. The school strives to maintain discipline at all times and equips learners with the necessary skills to make positive changes in their lives. Additionally, the school helps learners handle emotions and behaviours effectively.

11. Makgoka Secondary School

Location: Moriamacleanfarm, Boyne, Limpopo

Makgoka Secondary School is a public school in Moriamacleanfarm, Boyne, Limpopo. The school provides quality education and training in sports and cultural activities to promote positive changes in learners’ lives. Makgoka Secondary School aims to prepare learners for higher education institutions and future success.

12. Settlers Agricultural High School

Location: Bela-Bela, Waterberg, Limpopo

Settlers Agricultural High School is located in Bela-Bela, Waterberg, Limpopo, and is known for its specialization in Agriculture. The school offers a balanced education of a high standard, developing young adults who contribute positively to society. Settlers Agricultural High School provides boarding facilities for boys and girls, offering a safe rural environment.

13. Hoërskool Pietersburg High School

Location: Pietersburg, Limpopo

Hoërskool Pietersburg High School is one of Limpopo’s top high schools, known for its excellence and discipline. The school accommodates learners from around Limpopo Province and provides a beautiful, homely atmosphere. Hoërskool Pietersburg High School offers boarding facilities for both boys and girls.

14. Mohlakamotala High School

Location: Modimolle, Vaalwat, Limpopo

Mohlakamotala High School is a public secondary school in Modimolle, Vaalwat, Limpopo. The school provides excellent teaching and discipline, producing good matric results and achieving a 100% pass rate. Mohlakamotala High School offers boarding facilities to create a positive and disciplined learning environment.

15. Curro Heuwelkruin

Location: Myngenoegen, Polokwane, Limpopo

Curro Heuwelkruin is an independent school offering education from Grade R to Grade 12. The school’s dedicated staff and enhanced curriculum prepare learners to become self-confident and mindful individuals capable of achieving their goals. Curro Heuwelkruin’s boarding school offers a safe and comforting home away from home for learners from Grade 6 onwards.

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Wrapping up: Boarding Schools in Limpopo.

boarding schools in limpopo province
boarding schools in Limpopo province

Selecting the right boarding school is a significant decision to shape your child’s future. The boarding schools listed above offer high-quality education, discipline, and personal development for learners in Limpopo. Take the time to research each school’s unique features, visit their campuses, and understand their educational philosophies to make an informed choice for your child’s education.

Frequently Asked Questions on Boarding Schools in Limpopo.

How do I apply for admission to these boarding schools?

boarding schools in limpopo

Application procedures vary from school to school. Generally, you can find admission information on the school’s official website or by contacting their admission office directly.

Are these boarding schools co-educational?

boarding schools in limpopo

Some schools mentioned in this article are co-educational, while others may be exclusively for boys or girls. Check the individual school’s website for specific details.

What extracurricular activities do these schools offer?

boarding schools in limpopo

These schools offer diverse extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, music, debate, and more. Visit their websites or prospectus to explore the activities they provide.

Are scholarships available for students?

boarding schools in limpopo

Many boarding schools offer scholarships and financial aid programs. Contact the schools directly to inquire about their scholarship opportunities and eligibility criteria.

Can international students apply to these schools?

boarding schools in limpopo

Yes, several of these boarding schools welcome international students. They often have special admission procedures and support systems for students coming from abroad.

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