KZN Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Form Portal (www.kznhealth.gov.za)

KZN Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Form Portal: Job Vacancies, How to Login and Register, Eligibility Criteria, and Job Requirements.

Are you looking for a job in KwaZulu-Natal? The KZN Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Form Portal is now open, offering various job vacancies for interested individuals. Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, this recruitment portal provides a platform for you to explore career opportunities in KZN.

Attention all eligible employees: Please be advised that the contents of this Circular Minute must be brought to your notice upon establishment of all institutions. It is important that all employees who meet the requirements of the posts are made aware of this circular minute, even if they are absent from their normal places of work.

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KZN Recruitment Eligibility Criteria

Before applying for any job through the KZN Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Form Portal, you must check if you meet the eligibility criteria. The specific requirements may vary depending on the job position, but some general criteria include:

  • Minimum educational qualifications
  • Relevant work experience
  • Valid driver’s license (if applicable)
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team

Make sure to thoroughly read the job description and requirements before applying to ensure that you meet the necessary criteria.

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How to Login and Register on KZN Recruitment Portal

kzn recruitment portal 2023 2024
kzn recruitment portal 2024/2025

To apply for a job through the KZN Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Form Portal, you first need to create an account and log in by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit the KZN Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Form Portal website http://www.kznhealth.gov.za/vacirs.htm OR https://provincialgovernment.co.za/vacancies/4/kwazulu-natal-government-vacancies
  2. Click on the ‘Register’ button.
  3. Fill in the required information, such as your name, email address, and contact details.
  4. Create a strong password for your account.
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions of the portal.
  6. Click on the ‘Register’ button to complete the registration process.

Once you have successfully registered on the KZN Recruitment Portal, you can log in using your email address and password. This will give you access to the portal job vacancies and application forms.

KwaZulu-Natal Recruitment Job Requirements

Each job vacancy listed on the KZN Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Form Portal will have specific job requirements. These requirements are designed to identify the most suitable candidates for the position. Some general job requirements include:

  • Specific educational qualifications
  • Relevant work experience
  • Proficiency in specific software or tools
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities

Apply for Ongoing KwaZulu-Natal Jobs | KZN Recruitment.

kzn recruitment portal
kzn recruitment portal

KwaZulu-Natal Recruitment in Head Office

Circular NumberVacancyClosing Date
G45/2024Deputy Director: Women’s health program (level 11)21/09/2024
G46/2024Director: fraud management and investigation (level 13)
Director: organisational risk assurance and management (level 13)
MO05/2024Head clinical department: child health and paediatrics (medical) (grade 1)15/09/2024

KwaZulu-Natal Recruitment in District Office

Circular NumberVacancyDistrict OfficeClosing Date
ZUL05/2024District facility information officer (level 7)Zululand District Office29/09/2024
ZUL02/2024District facility information officer (level 7)Zululand District Office29/09/2024
ILE14/2024Clinical programme co-ordinator (quality assurance)Ilembe District Office29/09/2024
UMG01/05/23Forensic pathology officer (grade 1)Umgungundlovu District Office22/-9/2-24
UMG01/12/23Contract / Logistics Asset Management officer (level 7)Umgungundlovu District Office22/09/2024
ZUL/DD/2024Deputy Director: finance (level 11)Zululand District Office22/09/2024
AMAJ20/2024Advanced district nursing professional – advanced paediatricsAmajuba District Office22/09/2024
KDC03/2024Clinical nurse practitioner: KwaDukuza ClinicIlembe District Office22/09/2024
RLNN02/2024Human resource clerk – supervisorUmzinyathi District Office22/09/2024
UMZIN20/2024Clinical programme coordinator (MCWH)Umzinyathi District Office22/09/2024
UMZIN21/2024Facility information officerUmzinyathi District Office22/09/2024
ETEK/NHI09.2024NHI medical officereThekwini District Office15/09/2024
EMS Shift leader (grade 1)Ugu District Office15/09/2024
UMKH20/2024NHI doctors required for PHC clinics (6 month contract)Umkhanyakude District Office15/09/2024
ZUL/OCC2/2024Clinical programme coordinator: occupational healthZululand District Office08/09/2024
EMS/UGU/03/2024Emergency care officer (grade 3)Ugu District Office01/09/2024
Emergency care officer: (grade 1)Ugu District Office01/09/2024
UGU/DO07/2024Deputy director: district health service delivery and planningUgu District Office01/09/2024
EMS/AMAJ01/2024EMS sub district manager
EMS Shift leader (grade 3-6)
Amajuba District Office31/08/2024
AMAJ17/2024Facility information officer (level 7)Amajuba District Office31/08/2024
AMAJ18/2024Facility Information Officer (level 7)Amajuba District Office31/08/2024
AMAJ15/2024Deputy director: planning, monitoring and evaluationAmajuba District Office31/08/2024
UMZIN12/2024Clinical program coordinator – trainerUmzinyathi District Office31/08/2024

 KwaZulu-Natal Recruitment in Hospitals

Circular NumberVacancyHospitalClosing Date
New  PMMH/OMN01/2023Operational manager nursing (general stream)Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital01/10/2023
PMMC04/2023LibrarianPrince Mshiyeni Nursing Campus02/10/2023
Clinical manager (O&G)King Dinuzulu Hospital Complex29/09/2023
FNH16/2023Social workerFort Napier Hospital29/09/2023
FNH15/2023Occupational therapistFort Napier Hospital29/09/2023
MONT12/2023Pharmacist (grade 1,2)Montebello Hospital29/09/2023
NDH18/2023Assistant director: finance
NHI sessional medical officer
Northdale Hospital29/09/2023
MONT11/2023Assistant manager nursing (M&E)Montebello Hospital29/09/2023
DPKISMH25/2023Deputy Director: finance (level11)Dr Pixley Ka Isaka Seme Memorial22/09/2023
HR22/2023Clinical nurse practitioner (grade 1,2) Thembumusa ClinicVryheid Hospital22/09/2023
EST59/2023Clinical nurse practitioner Wembezi ClinicEstcourt Hospital22/09/2023
EMS37/2023Professional nurse speciality (maternity)Emmaus Hospital22/09/2023
NGWE10/2023Head clinical unit (medical) (grade 1) Ophthalmology
Head clinical unit (medical) (grade 1) Urology
Operational manager: Isiboniso Clinic
Operational manager nursing: general stream
Professional nurse (speciality nursing) (grade 1,2)
Professional nurse (speciality nursing) (grade 1,2) :Orthopaedic ward
Professional nurse (speciality nursing) (grade 1,2): Psychiatry
Professional nurse (speciality nursing) (grade 1,2): Oncology
Clinical nurse practitioner: Thokozani Clinic
Ngwelezana Hospital22/09/2023
CTK31/2023Professional nurse speciality (paediatric ward)Christ the King  Hospital22/09/2023
CTK33/2023Professional nurse – speciality : maternityChrist the King  Hospital22/09/2023
CTK32/2023Clinical nurse practitioner : Ixopo ClinicChrist the King  Hospital22/09/2023
CTK24/2023Operational manager general stream (grade 1,2)Christ the King  Hospital22/09/2023
Clinical programme co-ordinator (grade 1) transplant co-ordinatorGreys Hospital22/09/2023
GS70/2023Medical officer (grade 1,2,3) general surgeryGreys Hospital22/09/2023
GS69/2023Employee assistant program practitioner (EAP) (level 8)Greys Hospital22/09/2023
KE58/2023Professional nurse speciality grade 1 (paediatrics)
Medical officer: internal medicine (grade 1)
Medical officer: trauma: grade 1 WITHDRAWN
Sessional medical speciality grade 1: paediatrics WITHDRAWN
Head clinical unit (grade 1) urology
Medical specialist grade 1 : radiology
King Edward VIII Hospital22/09/2023
PSH24/2023Assistant director auxiliaryPort Shepstone Hospital22/09/2023
KE50/2023Medical specialist: internal medicine (grade 1)King Edward VIII Hospital22/09/2023
QNRH22/2023Head clinical unit (medical) (grade 1)
Medical specialist (grade 1,2,3)
Medical officer (grade 1,2,3)
Queen Nandi Hospital22/09/2023
GJC46/2023Operational manager nursing speciality (operating theatre and CSSD)GJ Crookes Hospital22/09/2023
GJGM08/2023Ultrasound radiographer/sonographer
Diagnostic radiographer
GJG Mpanza Regional Hospital 22/09/2023
DPKISMH24/2023Professional nurse – speciality (grade 1 or 2) Operating theatreDr Pixley Ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital22/09/2023
MAD48/2023Medical officer (grade 1-3) (psychiatry)Madadeni Hospital22/09/2023
MGMH13/2023Professional nurse (speciality stream neonatal ICU)Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital20/09/2023
UMP11/2023Clinical Manager – medicalUmphumulo Hospital20/09/2023
HGRH20/2023Assistant director: human resource development and planningHarry Gwala Regional Hospital20/09/2023
Professional nurse (paeds)Niemeyer Memorial Hospital18/09/2023
EKO/CM01/2023Clinical manager (obstetrics)
Operational manager nursing (speciality) operating theatre
Occupational health nurse
Professional nurse speciality – advanced midwifery
Safety officer
Employee wellness practitioner
Facility information officer
Ekombe Hospital15/09/2023
MGMH26/2023Clinical programme co-ordinator: quality assuranceMahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital15/09/2023
MGMH31/2023Senior finance management officer (level 8)Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital15/09/2023
Amended. Closing date extended
Pharmacy supervisor (grade 1)Estcourt Hospital15/09/2023
Operational manager nursing (speciality) ICUAddington Hospital15/09/2023
Operational manager nursing grade 1 (general)Doris Goodwin Hospital15/09/2023
HR21/2023Clinical nurse practitioner (grade 1 and 3 4 posts: Ntombiyephahla ClinicVryheid Hospital15/09/2023
Operational manager nursing speciality (trauma and emergency nursing)St Mary’s Hospital15/09/2023
Professional nurse speciality advanced midwifery (grade 1 or 2)St Mary’s Hospital15/09/2023
Professional nurse (speciality – theatre)St Mary’s Hospital15/09/2023
EST58/2023Professional nurse: speciality – advance midwifery: Wembezi ClinicEstcourt Hospital15/09/2023
EST56/2023Clinical nurse practitioner: Ncibidwane ClinicEstcourt Hospital15/09/2023
EST57/2023Clinical nurse practitioner: Injisuthi ClinicEstcourt Hospital15/09/2023
KH19/2023Clinical nurse practitioner (grade 1-2) Mobile ClinicKwaMagwaza Hospital15/09/2023
MGMH36/2023Professional nurse: speciality stream – neonatal / ICU / paediatricsMahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital15/09/2023
MGMH35/2023Operational manager – general nursing stream (night duty)Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital15/09/2023
MGMH34/2023Assistant manager nursing: outpatient / triaging / HAST / trauma and operating theatreMahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital15/09/2023
EST54/2023Clinical nurse practitioner: Madiba Clinic
Clinical nurse practitioner: Ntabamhlophe Clinic
Clinical nurse practitioner: Mobile Clinic
Clinical nurse practitioner: Ncibidwane Clinic
Clinical nurse practitioner: Injisuthi Clinic
Professional nurse: speciality – advance midwifery: Wembezi Clinic
Estcourt Hospital15/09/2023
PSH64/2023Medical officer: internal medicine (Grade 1,2,3)
Medical officer: anaesthesia (grade 1,2,,3)
Port Shepstone Hospital15/09/2023
PN/SPEC/KDC36/2023Professional nurse speciality (maternity) King Dinuzulu HospitalArtisan foreman grades (A and B) plumber
Facility information officer
Supply chain clerk supervisor
Supply chain clerk – assets
Eshowe Hospital15/09/2023
KE57/2023Medical specialist: orthopaedics (grade 1)King Edward VIII Hospital15/09/2023
PMMH/ENG01/2023Engineer: infrastructure (grade A)
Food services manager (level 8)
Administrative clerk supervisor (level 7)
Supply chain management practitioner (level 7): logistics and warehouse management (level 7)
Supply chain management practitioner (level 7) Demand Management
Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital15/09/2023
LH21/2023OptometristLadysmith Hospital15/09/2023
PSH62/2023Assistant director physiotherapy
Clinical psychologist (grade 1,2,3)
Cleaning and grounds manager
Port Shepstone Hospital15/09/2023
RKK/OMN07/2023Operational manager nursing (general) out-patient departmentRK Khan Hospital15/09/2023
RKK/OMN06/2023Operational manager nursing (general) Surgical wardRK Khan Hospital15/09/2023
RKK/PN04/2023Professional nurse (speciality) paediatricsRK Khan Hospital15/09/2023
RKK/PN05/2023Professional nurse (speciality) Operating theatreRK Khan Hospital15/09/2023
FNH13/2023Amended. Closing date extendedMedical specialistFort Napier Hospital15/09/2023
FNH14/2023Amended. Closing date extendedHead clinical unit psychiatric servicesFort Napier Hospital15/09/2023
HR20/2023Assistant nurse manager (general stream
Operational manager (speciality) Post-natal ward and nursery AMENDED
Operational manager (speciality) theatre AMENDED
Operational manager (speciality) Labour ward AMENDED
Professional nurse (grade 1 and 2) (Speciality) High care
Professional nurse (grade 1 and 2) (speciality) Theatre
Vryheid Hospital15/09/2023
EMS36/2023Administration clerk supervisor (general systems)Emmaus Hospital15/09/2023 
GS67/2023Medical specialist (grade 1,2,3) various disciplinesGreys Hospital15/09/2023 
GS68/2023Medical physicist (grade 1,2,3)Greys Hospital15/09/2023 
 EST52/2023Environmental health practitioner: waste management officerEstcourt Hospital15/09/2023
MAD37/2023Professional nurse (speciality) critical care (ICU)Madadeni Hospital15/09/2023
MAD42/2023Deputy manager nursingMadadeni Hospital15/09/2023
MAD46/2023Engineer infrastructureMadadeni Hospital15/09/2023
MAD47/2023Operational nursing manager (PHC) (Rosary Clinic)Madadeni Hospital15/09/2023
QNRH20/2023Assistant director: systems (level 9)Queen Nandi Hospital15/09/2023
Closing date extended
Deputy Manager: Pharmaceutical services (level 11)St Andrews Hospital15/09/2023
UMP10/2023Clinical nurse practitioner – HTA
Professional nurse (speciality) Maqumbi Clinic
Professional nurse (speciality) eye clinic
Umphumulo Hospital15/09/2023
EST50/2023Human resource practitioner: HRDEstcourt Hospital15/09/023
Professional nurse speciality – paeds (child nursing science)Newcastle Hospital14/09/2023
NE23/2023Professional nurse speciality (PMTCT)Newcastle Hospital14/09/2023
NE24/2023Professional nurse speciality – NICU (critical care nursing science / post basic midwifery)Newcastle Hospital14/09/2023


It is essential to carefully review the job requirements before applying to ensure you possess the necessary skills and qualifications.

By following these steps and considering the eligibility criteria and job requirements, you can increase your chances of securing a job through the KZN Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Form Portal. Take the first step towards your career in KZN today!

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