South African Police Recruitment: A Step-by-Step Guide


South African Police Recruitment Form: Are you passionate about serving your community and maintaining law and order? If so, a career in the South African Police Service (SAPS) might be the perfect fit for you.

The SAPS offers exciting job opportunities across various departments, and the recruitment process is designed to select the best candidates for these roles.


The South African Police Service (SAPS) provides job opportunities in diverse fields. As a member of SAPS, you can either choose to be a police official or a civilian employee. Police officials are hired under the South African Police Service Act of 1995 (Act No 68 of 1995), while civilian employees are hired under the Public Service Act of 1994 (Act No 103 of 1994). The majority of police officials are responsible for preventing, combating, or investigating criminal activities. However, some police officials and civilian staff perform support functions.

Career Opportunities – South African Police Recruitment Job Vacancies.

  1. Senior Management
  2. Police Act
  3. Public Service Act
  4. Police Trainees
  5. Internship Programme
  6. Re-enlistment

How to Apply for South African Police Recruitment.

Step 1: Registration on the SAPS Recruitment Portal

The first step towards applying for a job vacancy in the SAPS is to register on their official recruitment portal. Follow these steps to complete the registration process:

South African Police Recruitment Form
South African Police Recruitment Form
  1. Visit the SAPS official website and navigate to the recruitment section.
  2. Click on the registration link provided.
  3. Fill in the required personal details, including your name, contact information, and qualifications.
  4. Create a username and password for future logins.
  5. Submit the registration form.

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Step 2: Search and Apply for Job Vacancies

South African Police Recruitment
South African Police Recruitment

Once you have successfully registered on the South African Police Recruitment portal, you can search and apply for job vacancies that match your skills and interests. Follow these steps to apply for a specific job:

  1. Log in to the SAPS recruitment portal (https://www.saps.gov.za/careers/careers.php) using your username and password.
  2. Navigate to the job vacancies section.
  3. Browse through the available job listings and click on the one that interests you.
  4. Read the job description, requirements, and application deadline carefully.
  5. Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button to start the application process.
  6. Fill in the required information, including your personal details, educational background, and work experience.
  7. Upload any supporting documents, such as your CV and qualifications.
  8. Review your application to ensure all the information is accurate.
  9. Submit your application.

Step 3: Selection and Assessment

Once you have submitted your application, the South African Police Recruitment team will review your qualifications and suitability for the position. If you meet the initial requirements, you may be invited for further assessments, which may include:

  • Written tests to assess your cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills.
  • Physical fitness tests to evaluate your endurance, strength, and overall fitness level.
  • Psychometric assessments to gauge your personality traits and suitability for the role.

Step 4: Background Checks and Interviews

If you successfully pass the assessments, the South African Police Recruitment team will conduct thorough background checks, including criminal record checks, to ensure your suitability for a career in law enforcement. You may also be invited for one or more interviews with representatives from the SAPS. During the interviews, you will have the opportunity to showcase your skills, experiences, and passion for the role.

South African Police Recruitment General Instructions to All Applicants:

  • ✏ Application forms may be couriered/delivered by hand to the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation at 1 Cresswell Road, Promat Building, Silverton or may be posted to: Section Commander: Personnel Management, Private Bag X1500, PRETORIA, 0127. Enquiries can be directed to Brigadier MB Monyela and Lieutenant Colonel BK Mhlahlo at telephone number: 012-846 4211/4067
  • ✏ Only this official application form for Senior Management Service (SMS) posts in the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI), which can be obtained from the SAPS website: www.saps.gov.za, or the following e-mail address will be accepted: dpcivacancies@saps.gov.za
  • ✏ All instructions on this application form must be adhered to. Failure to do so will result in the rejection of the application.
  • ✏ This form must be properly completed and be signed by the applicant. The initials and surname of the applicant must be endorsed on every page of the application form in the space provided.
  • ✏ This application form must be completed in black ink and block letters (handwritten or typed).
  • ✏ The post particulars (post title and reference) must be correctly specified on the application
  • ✏ A separate application form and CV must be submitted for each post you apply for.
  • ✏ The CV must contain full particulars of:
    • all boards on which an applicant serves;
    • · current employment and other business interests; and
    • · career promotions, appointments, career developments, career history, current studies and qualifications.
  • ✏ An applicant must also attach to every application copies (which need not to be certified) of the following:
    • · courses/programmes obtained;
    • · degree/diploma Certificates (study/academic records of qualifications alone do not suffice) of all educational qualifications;
    • ID document; and
    • · valid motor vehicle driver’s license.
  • ✏ Applications must be couriered/hand delivered timeously. Late applications will not be considered. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the application has been received at the indicated office on or before the closing date and time of the advertisement.
  • ✏ Applications which do not meet the above-mentioned requirements may be rejected.
  • ✏ Correspondence will be conducted with shortlisted applicants only


When it comes to seeking employment in the South African Police Service, meticulous preparation and keen attention to detail are paramount. By adhering to the systematic approach delineated within this comprehensive guide, you can significantly enhance your prospects of successfully securing a coveted position within the esteemed SAPS organization.

Always double-check your application for accuracy and submit all the required documents for the South African Police Recruitment Form. Good luck with your application, and we hope to see you serving and protecting our communities as a member of the SAPS soon!

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